Is your schedule packed with appointments, or do you have a lot more free time than you expected when you opened your neurosurgery practice? Neurosurgery is such a specialized field that generic marketing strategies just don’t work. If you keep using these same strategies to attract patients, your practice will never be as successful as it could be if you focused on using digital marketing to build your reputation.

Lead to Conversion™ understands the many marketing challenges faced by neurosurgeons and knows how to overcome them with a comprehensive strategy. To learn more about how digital marketing can position you as a neurosurgery expert and help you grow a thriving practice, download a free copy of Neurosurgery Marketing Mastery in 30 Days.

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Market research shows us Neurosurgery isn’t the type of business that translates well to traditional marketing channels such as radio or TV. However, the digital sphere provides an extraordinary opportunity for such a niche medical practice. The majority of people search for their symptoms online nowadays, no matter what their age is. This data alone provides incredible insights into current trends in the market. Your neurosurgical practice can use this insight to adapt your offering, and you can use it to answer people’s questions about neurological disorders, treatment options, and surgical procedures offered.

Search engines let you capitalize on the questions people are asking online. When you capture the right keywords, you send searchers with intent straight to your site, provide them with useful information on critical care options and a solution for their neurological disorders. When you combine this strategy with excellent patient experience, a website that matches up to the quality of your output and strong relationships with fellow professionals, you can’t go wrong.

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Neurosurgery Marketing Techniques

As an experienced neurosurgeon, you probably have referring physician strategies and rely on word of mouth to grow your business. While these methods are never going to go out of fashion, in the fast-paced modern market, you need to deploy as many neurosurgery marketing tools as possible.

Long-Term Relationships

It’s just as important as ever to build excellent long-term relationships with clients and other professionals. Every patient you meet should leave feeling empowered, understood and valued. If you spend time building relationships with fellow professionals at conferences, online and through affiliates, your referrals will go through the roof. The more you offer these services to fellow medical professionals, the more they’ll return the favor.

Become a Thought Leader

As an academic, you’ll understand the power of having written a journal or paper that’s published online. You can create more informal, accessible content for the public to help answer the questions they type into search engines. Even if they don’t immediately book an appointment, your name will become attached to your profession. The more useful content you create, the more it gets shared on social media and the more people return to your website when they think of neurosurgery.

Build a Community

Social media marketing gives you the most genuine and honest understanding of how clients truly feel about their experiences at your neurosurgery practice. Instead of brushing off negative comments, pay close attention, reach out to those who make them and demonstrate that you take action when people complain. Likewise, reach out to individuals who make positive comments to share your gratitude. This way, you build a community and show your patient base how much you care.

Why Digital Marketing?

There’s no denying that digital marketing is the future. If you’re one of the organizations that has neglected to update your website or create a Google Business Profile page, now is the time to get ahead. The expansion of the digital world is happening faster than ever, and you can still capitalize on the shifting landscape.

Avoid Salesy Marketing Tactics

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it removes overly gimmicky or salesy methods of neurosurgery marketing. TV or radio ads for neurosurgery feel inappropriate, but you still need to get your name out there. With clever SEO and a tight digital marketing strategy, you can broaden your audience and become more of a respected authority in your field of expertise.

Use Real Data

Marketing was always a guessing game until the advent of the internet. Decades of regular internet usage means digital marketing agencies now have a clear understanding of how to read patient data. Every visitor to your website and every post on social media contains highly valuable, actionable insights that you can turn into increased revenue.



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Website Design

Web design is much more important for SEO and your overall reputation than you might realize. People are very quick to leave a website if it loads slowly or looks clunky and old-fashioned. Most consumers spend a fair amount of time browsing the websites of big-name brands, so they get used to a high standard of quality. As such, it’s essential you keep your website up to date with the latest trends.

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Search Engine Optimization for Neurosurgeons

SEO is a relatively modern phenomenon that is taking the marketing world by storm. We’ve learned all of the 200-plus data points Google uses when deciding how high a website ranks on its search engine results page. In fact, we know how to rank high up on pretty much all of the SERPS out there.

It’s about much more than just keywords: Your website needs to be exquisitely written with high-authority links, easy navigation and even excellent web design. Additionally, the more content you create in your blog, the higher up you rank. Google’s algorithm even prioritizes the time spent on each page — so all content must be engaging enough to draw readers in.

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Google Ads lets you use PPC marketing to purchase keywords that perform well, giving you a fast track to the top of the search engine results pages while putting you in complete control of your monthly marketing budget.

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