When you started your home health business, you thought your phone would be ringing off the hook with calls from prospective clients. Now that you’ve been in business for a while, the calls have slowed to a trickle. If you don’t figure out how to market your business, you won’t have enough clients to keep going. Even worse, people in your community won’t be able to benefit from your services.

Lead to Conversion™ understands the unique challenges of marketing a home care or home health business, and we’re here to support you. To learn more about how digital marketing can help you attract as many clients as you need, download a free copy of Home Care Marketing Mastery in 30 Days, our 10-step action plan for generating high-quality leads.

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Whereas referrals, testimonials, word of mouth and excellent service used to be the cornerstones of the home care industry’s marketing efforts, these tactics alone are no longer enough. The best way to attract potential clients to your business is to focus more on digital marketing.

When it comes to home care companies, the main focus is on providing companionship, personal care and general housekeeping services. Caregivers are practically family members, spending a great deal of time in the homes of clients while they’re at their most vulnerable. As such, your company culture should exude trust, bedside manner, warmth and friendliness.

There’s no better way to show the world your company’s values than by demonstrating them online. Social media platforms, your website and review sites are just a few places where the public can search to find out about your business. When you actively manage your online presence across the digital sphere, you can define how your target audience perceives your business. The result of making the most out of the marketing materials that are available online is an increase in home care sales.

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Home Health Care Marketing Ideas

Home health care services differ significantly from home care due to the fact that health care professionals are required at this level. Instead of the focus on personality we’d include in marketing materials for home care, the emphasis must be on qualifications, professionalism and quality of care.

Family members trust home health care agencies to manage medication and offer respite care, wound care and skilled nursing to their loved ones. Trust and specialized industry knowledge should therefore be the most important facets of your online marketing efforts.

Why Use a Digital Marketing Agency?

Whether you need to design a home health care marketing plan or a home care marketing plan, the internet is no longer something business owners can ignore. The majority of people use digital devices to find answers to questions and locate products and services. As a senior care provider, your focus is on running an exceptional business — not spending 40 hours each week managing your digital presence and marketing strategies.

That’s where a digital marketing agency steps in to save the day. For a similar cost to what you’d expect to pay one in-house marketing professional, you can get an entire team of experts. Not only do you benefit from their wealth of industry experience, but you can rest assured no stone is left unturned with regards to your digital reputation.



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Website Design

Website design is a key aspect of SEO because Google ranks pages based on how easy they are for users to navigate and use. It’s also generally important because it’s the first impression many potential customers have of your business. Modern consumers are used to seeing clean, fast-loading web pages that are well-written and informative.

If your website falls below a certain standard, or looks outdated and clunky, people will quickly bounce and look for another senior care service that makes a better first impression.
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Social Media Marketing

Social media management is another crucial aspect of doing business in the modern marketplace. The majority of U.S. adults use social media to provide feedback, conduct research and seek out like-minded people. As a senior care business, it provides you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your core values and strengths.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, let you pay for social media advertising, which is another way to ensure your company’s page gets seen by as many people as possible. Some of the most important websites to produce content for include: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the digital marketing playbook, and it’s lasted so long because it’s highly effective. Bear in mind that marketing doesn’t just hinge on bringing in new business — it’s also vitally important that your current clients are kept as happy as possible.

You can provide them with well-timed emails containing useful, seasonal information to cement yourself as an important part of their lives. 

By giving customers a little something for free, you strengthen the emotional connection that makes them much more likely to stick with your business and recommend it to other people. 

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Search Engine Optimization

A major component of digital marketing is search engine optimization, which is an umbrella term to describe all the tactics and tricks used to boost your ranking on search engine results pages. It’s a full-time job for one person in itself, and it makes up an important portion of the work a digital marketing agency will do for you, since search engines are such a popular way for consumers to find what they’re looking for.

Google’s algorithm trawls every website on the internet, analyzing over 200 data points to determine how valuable the information contained therein is for customers. These data points are constantly getting updated and changed, so keeping your finger on the pulse is essential for ongoing success. 

SEO requires a broad range of knowledge, ranging from technical expertise such as coding to creative talents like blogging. Some key components of search engine optimization include:

  • Keyword research
  • H1 and H2 headers
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Schema markup
  • Local landing pages
  • Service homepages
  • Backlinks
  • Authoritative sources
  • URL formatting
  • SSL
  • Custom 404
  • Blog posts
  • Geotagging
  • Website design
  • Alt text for images
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Local SEO and Google Business Profile

Healthcare organizations around the globe understand the value of a sustained SEO strategy since greater than 70% of search engine traffic originates from organic listings.

However, it’s important to note that this isn’t something that happens automatically. To maximize returns from local SEO, you need to optimize your GBP profile and fine-tune your website for local SEO.

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Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC advertising is a preferred marketing channel for both established and emerging healthcare providers. PPC provides its advertisers with better control of monthly budget allocation and the ability to change keyword targets, matching options, geographic targets, and so much more on the fly.

This means you’re getting free advertising with Google Ads by getting your name out there and associating it with relevant keywords.

Start Expanding Your Senior Care Business Today

If you’re ready to expand your home care or home health care business, Lead to Conversion™’s healthcare digital marketing experts can do all the hard work while you’re free to do what you do best — provide care for the nation’s older adults. Call us today at 855-214-3072 to find out more.

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