1.8 Million

Annual Searches for Palliative Care in US

1.2 Million

Annual Searches for Hospice in US

1.6 Million

Hospice Care Patients Annually in US

Are they finding your hospice and palliative care facility?

With over 1.6 million patients receiving hospice care annually and over 100,000 monthly Google searches for “hospice” in the United States, it’s obvious family and loved ones are actively searching for hospice care providers online. The only question is: are they finding your hospice and palliative care facility?

Where digital marketing comes into play

Every day, family and loved one’s looking for palliative care and hospice providers are searching within a regional market near the patient needing care. The way they search varies greatly with keywords ranging from “pain management” to “end-of-life care” to “hospice + [city]”. Your ultimate goal is that they find your hospice care services vs. your competition and this is where digital marketing comes into play.


Step 1: The team at Lead to Conversion will utilize the latest SEO techniques to ensure your business is found online. Step 2: Once found, visitors on your site will find conversion-focused language and clearly defined goals that will funnel these visitors into new leads. Whether you desire inbound phone calls, “contact us” form submissions, brochure downloads, or any other desired conversion point, we will consistently utilize SEO to make sure your site is found online and converts visitors into new patient inquiries.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC ads are a great way for hospice care providers to pay on a per website visitor basis. Essentially, you can bid on words and phrases where your ad can then show up at the top of search results. Per click fees vary depending on the phrases you select and the matching options selected including geotargeting. Our experience has shown costs as little at $1.40/click and an average 4-5x return on investment based on a reasonable monthly budget of $1-2k/month in competitive markets such as Chicago and San Antonio.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Other than loved one’s searching for providers on search engines, they also look for suggestions and recommendations on social media platforms such as Facebook. Making regular updates to your Facebook profile is great and will help with your reputation, but Facebook also offers advertising opportunities to businesses including targeting users by age, geographic location, income level and many other options. Facebook also offers retargeting/remarketing to its advertisers which means if someone came to your site from a PPC program or from another source then leaves without committing to a desired action, the next time they check their Facebook feed, they’ll be met with your ad to lure them back to your site and into your lead funnel.

Website Design

You can get all the traffic you want, but if your site isn’t clean, easy to navigate, and responsive to mobile devices, it will never perform to its maximum potential. Lead to Conversion understands how loved ones of hospice patients use websites and its content and create user experiences guaranteed to flow users into the conversion funnel efficiently and cost effectively. 

We are in the business of helping you grow your business.

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