Are you tired of looking at a waiting room filled with empty chairs? Wondering why the phone never seems to ring with people who are excited to schedule an appointment? If so, your marketing strategy needs an upgrade. Unless you commit to using digital marketing to build your reputation, fill your pipeline with referrals and solicit feedback from satisfied patients, you’ll never build a truly successful optometry practice.

Lead to Conversion knows how to use digital marketing techniques to bring in high-quality leads and turn them into lifelong patients. To learn more about using digital marketing to grow your optometry practice, download a free copy of our 10-step action plan, Optometry Marketing Mastery in 30 Days.

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There are some things everyone should include in their optometry marketing strategies. Of course, it’s still crucial that your clinic is visually appealing to passers-by, and you should deliver excellent customer service to encourage repeat business and recommendations. These strategies will never stop working. However, as consumers and marketing become more advanced, you’ll need to make sure you keep up to avoid getting left behind.

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Content Marketing Is the Future

As Google and other search engines gain more power over the world of information, clever digital marketers are finding ways to tap into this trend. It’s not just about making sure your website includes the right keywords — although that is vital. Successful content marketing is about creating content that captures the intentions of search engine users seeking local eye exam and eyecare providers.

Crucially, all of this content should be expertly written and driven by keyword research. Search engine algorithms are highly adept at detecting copy that has been written purely for the sake of ranking. These huge search engine companies want to make sure they give their customers useful, accurate information that’s well written. This means creating specialized landing pages and writing blog posts and white papers for clients and even other businesses while striking the balance of optimizing them for organic search placement.

Optometrists with a wealth of useful articles are viewed by potential patients as authoritative sources, in addition to appearing higher up on SERPs.

Feedback Is King

In the past, we understood that feedback played a role in the success of a business. That said, a lot of company bosses would argue that they know better than the public because they’re professionals. However, social media and review sites now hold huge swaying power in consumer decision-making. If you’re not listening to and interacting with customers’ feedback — positive and negative — you risk getting a bad reputation.

Referral Programs

Whether you offer a discount scheme, enter people into a prize drawing or provide vouchers for future use, referral programs are highly effective. Social media is an excellent place to advertise these kinds of promotions, attracting information and encouraging shares.

The Importance of Optometry Digital Marketing

Tech and the internet have more power and influence over our daily lives than ever, and using the latest tools positions you at the cutting edge of your industry. Lots of optometrists are starting to realize that the digital space is the best place to promote business and grow.

Not many of them are familiar with the detailed ins and outs of marketing for optometrists, however. By working with a digital marketing agency, you save resources and get state-of-the-art service.

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Website Design Is Crucial

Another little known fact about SEO is that your website design plays a significant role in it. If your site uses clunky navigation that makes it difficult to get around or the web pages load slowly, you’ll likely rank lower in search results.

Additionally, modern consumers are accustomed to high-definition graphics and slick websites from big brands. So if you haven’t been prioritizing web design for your practice, you’ll miss out on attracting new patients to your eyecare practice. A lot of optometry marketing practitioners haven’t caught on to these new methods of online marketing in the field, so don’t worry if you haven’t caught up yet. Now is definitely the time.

How Can An Optometrist’s Clinic Use Social Media Marketing?

There are many ways to incorporate social media platforms into your digital marketing strategy. It seems that customer service is emerging as the main use for channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Customers often use socials to write complaints and compliments — which you should take care to respond to when appropriate since it directly impacts your online reputation.

Reputation management is practically a full-time job in itself, so make sure you can invest the necessary resources into it. Social media is also excellent for small businesses to advertise promotions, discounts and competitions to generate shares and reach new people while disseminating valuable content to your target audience and followers regularly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Optometrists

We’ve touched on the content marketing aspect of SEO, but there’s so much more to it. This emerging discipline is all about knowing which indicators search engines use to choose how high up a page ranks on the results page. It’s very rare that anyone would look beyond the first page, so getting there is a priority.

Easy navigation, well-written text with the right keyword strings and high-authority links are just three of the hundreds of metrics that influence ranking. Currently, SEO is still something of an insider secret. So if you start using it, you’ll instantly get ahead of the competition. It’s probably the best way for someone who has never seen or heard of your clinic to find it.

What Is PPC Advertising?

SEO and content writing are long-term strategies that don’t deliver instant results but provide the most effective route to the top of the SERPs. That said, if you use Google Ads, you can get your practice listed at the top of search results almost instantly.

While it can be expensive to use this form of marketing, business owners have the option to only pay if someone clicks on the ad. That way, you get your name at the top of the page for free and only pay if someone clicks the ad. 

PPC via Google search Ads also offers other options such as display ads and retargeting options to further amplify your brand across the web well beyond inclusion in search results.

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