If you’re struggling to generate leads for your high-touch concierge medicine practice, now is the time to act. Without a steady stream of patients, you’ll find it difficult to build your brand and create a thriving concierge practice that helps as many people as possible. One of the toughest challenges in concierge medicine is finding patients who are willing to pay a premium for personalized service and then educating them on the benefits of working with you. Based on the concierge medicine market report, primary care segment dominated the global concierge medicine market in the previous years. Physicians who also switched to retainer practice propelled the market growth for concierge medicine. Therefore, increasing the concierge medicine market size. Making it is essential to build an effective marketing plan to attract those prospective patients and make them understand the value of your services.

In comparison to traditional medical practices, concierge or direct primary care practices can find it more difficult to reach potential patients. Fortunately, digital marketing strategies are far better than conventional techniques when it comes to targeting individuals who seek alternatives to insurance policies. Lead to Conversion™ understands how to overcome these challenges, giving concierge medicine providers more time to focus on their patients. To find out how to use digital marketing to create a successful practice, download Concierge Medicine Marketing Mastery in 30 Days, a 10-step action plan for generating leads.

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Just like when Concierge doctors offer high-touch and bespoke healthcare to their current patients, our healthcare marketing experts take the time to understand your concierge model’s focus, geographic considerations, patient acquisition needs, and carefully craft a business model to achieve the goals and objectives you have in enrolling new patients.

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Enhanced medical care options

Whether you’re doing direct pay, retainer, or annual programs, the treatment your practice offers is the same. You provide enhanced primary care options and personalized healthcare services between you and the patient that isn’t being dictated by insurance companies resulting in a stronger doctor-to-patient experience affording better healthcare.

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Be found and engaged

One of the biggest challenges a concierge medical practice faces is the ability to be found and engaged with by people seeking alternative healthcare options to traditional insurance plans. That’s where Lead to Conversion™ can help you.

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Enterprise-level skill set

With over 10 years of collective digital marketing expertise working with brands such as Cleveland Clinic and Mercy, Lead to Conversion™ has an enterprise-level skill set we’ve distilled and made executable for Concierge medicine providers at a fraction of the cost.

Call a Concierge Digital Marketing Agency Today

For newly minted concierge care practices with no visibility or brand recognition, we often start by developing a responsive website with fresh content that’s on-brand and write persuasive language throughout the site to efficiently push potential patients through the conversion funnel. Once a new site is launched, we’ll advocate pursuing a local Google Ads campaign coupled with Facebook and Instagram paid advertising to quickly shore up targeted traffic and inquiries for your practice immediately upon site launch.

A longer-term strategy for a new practice would include search engine optimization, local SEO, and organic Social Media Campaign Marketing which can take months to garner interest and new patient inquiries, but should be pursued early on since these options provide long-term residual value vs. paid options.

For established practices with an online presence, Lead to Conversion™ will start off by consulting with you to understand organizational challenges and your desires in a digital marketing partner. From there, we’ll conduct a cursory audit of the current site and your marketing channels to source areas needing improvement or augmentation to amplify visibility and engagement online. Once we’ve completed the initial consultation and audit, we’ll put together a custom strategy aimed at taking your medical practice to the next level in terms of patient enrollment, engagement, and bottom-line results for your marketing dollars.

We track everything from inbound phone calls to form submissions to live chat engagements and beyond. Throughout an engagement with Lead to Conversion™, we’ll provide regularly scheduled calls and monthly reporting highlighting successes while educating you along the entire journey.

Whether you’re looking to design a new site, run a PPC or SEO campaign, or deploy a holistic strategy doing it all, Lead to Conversion™ is a digital marketing services provider and a perfect partner that will take the time to put together a customized digital marketing strategy guaranteed to solidify your online presence and precipitate bottom-line results.

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