Your orthodontic surgery can’t make a good impression on potential patients outside of office hours, but your web presence can. As more activities move online, there’s a growing urgency for practitioners to update and improve their orthodontic marketing strategies and practices. Consumers use search engines and social media to get the answers to pretty much any question these days. You can capitalize on this by fine-tuning your website, creating content and using Google Ads.

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Orthodontic Marketing

Patient referrals from dentists have been the main method of getting prospective patients for years. When a dentist you’re partnered with notices one of their patients requires orthodontic work such as clear aligners or a root canal, they send them over to you. Too many surgeons are still relying solely on this means of attracting new patients, which is unfortunate. By being proactive and actively marketing your business, you can choose the type of client you attract and ensure your appointment slots are always full.

prospective patients are savvier and more active than they’ve ever been. With smartphones in their pockets, they have access to a world of information and resources. More and more, they’re making their own decisions about where to get their orthodontic work vs. relying solely on referrals from their dentist. You can tap into this intelligent target market by ensuring that your orthodontic marketing strategies are modern and effective.

Orthodontic Digital Marketing

Digital marketing should be a crucial aspect of any orthodontist practice’s growth strategy because the internet is such a huge part of people’s lives. If you don’t start making the most out of what technology has to offer, you risk getting left behind. Some of the strategies we can help you to implement include:

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to establish yourself online is by creating content that attracts potential patients to your website and keeps them coming back. By writing blog posts, how-to guides, white papers and more, you can help prospective clients to identify orthodontic issues and position yourself as a solution to them. Content using searchable keywords also helps improve your ranking on the search engine results pages.

Landing Pages

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods of marketing your business online. In addition to creating content that includes targeted keyword strings, we can help you optimize your website for Google. This includes creating carefully constructed landing pages that are written to convert leads and earn a high position on the search engine results pages.

Orthodontic Marketing Strategies

It’s crucial that your marketing practices are diverse and aimed at the right groups of people. Referrals and print media are always going to be excellent strategies, but you need to support them with a strong digital presence. As you spend more time and attention on your website, social media and content, you’ll see an upturn in internet traffic and real-life foot traffic.

You’re busy, and effective online marketing is more than a full-time job, so let us take the strain off your shoulders and inject our expertise into your orthodontic marketing strategies.


SEO can be a major driving force for business growth over time. To optimize your website for search engines, it needs to contain all the features Google expects, and you’ll need to ensure it contains the right keyword strings. These keywords attract searchers and appear more readable to Google. It’s important that your content is well-written and that visitors to your website read it — search engines are even tracking how long each person stays on a webpage to decide how highly it ranks!

Other aspects of SEO include content writing, meta descriptions, inbound linking and website navigation and design. To get this perfect, the person designing the website needs to have complex technical knowledge and the ability to create content.

Local Knowledge Graph (Google My Business)

Although your orthodontic practice doesn’t necessarily need to capture local search intent, you should still complete your Google My Business profile. This earns you a local knowledge graph via a listing in local search results listed just under the map section in search results, which displays your logo and information about your business if someone searches for it. There are lots of tricks and tips like this that we can help you with to ensure your business looks as modern and professional as possible.

Website Design

Website design is crucial for two main reasons — first, as a key aspect of SEO. You need to ensure that your website is designed in a way that search engines perceive as being clean and easy to navigate. Additionally, visitors to your website are much more likely to stay on it and use it to make a booking if the design looks good and makes the task as easy as possible.

A website isn’t just something arbitrary — think of it as your online orthodontic practice. It should express your brand and represent the values you hold as being the most important.


With Google Ads, you can quickly and easily get your website to the top of the SERPs. PPC can be a highly effective tactic for medical practices like orthodontists. However, it can be quite expensive to buy the keywords that relate to your medical office. We can manage your PPC campaigns to ensure you get the most out of this service.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way of creating a community, sharing knowledge and engaging with your client base. It’s also the best way to measure previous and existing patient satisfaction. You can gather unlimited, real-time data from highly active social media accounts and carefully manage your reputation online. We can help you to deploy a broad variety of strategies on social platforms such as your Facebook page that reach your targeted demographic and drive traffic to your website and bookings into your schedule.

Orthodontic Marketing by Experts

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