With one in 20 Google searches related to health topics, providers who have a strong online presence are more likely to book new patients. Our healthcare digital marketing services can help you become one of those providers.  

For many healthcare brands, marketing comes as an afterthought to the quality of care and patient satisfaction. While those priorities are certainly in order, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities can’t afford to ignore digital marketing.

In many cases, patients have more choices than ever before, and they’re increasingly turning to the internet to vet those options. In fact, as many as 83 percent of patients will check out a facility’s website before they even book an appointment, and close to half the web traffic on hospital sites comes from the search engines.

Web Design: Looking Good Online

Responsive web design is critical to positioning yourself online. Just as your clean, professional-looking, modern healthcare facility helps promote confidence in your services, a website that looks great and works well encourages trust in your brand.

Our experienced web design team knows that it’s not just about choosing the right fonts and colors. Potential and existing patients need to be able to navigate your site quickly and easily. Often, patients turn to the web when they’re anxious about a healthcare issue, so if they don’t find what they’re looking for within one or two clicks, they may hurry elsewhere.

We can help you:

  • Create a site that matches your brand visually
  • Ensure architecture, such as menus and pages, serves your patients well
  • Develop landing pages and other web assets that encourage patients to reach out or make appointments

SEO: Getting Found Online

With so many people turning to the search engines with their medical concerns, hospitals and other healthcare providers need a strong SEO strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Search engine optimization involves tactics such as keyword placement, original content, linking and citation management to increase your relevance for certain searches. If your SEO strategy is implemented well, Google and other popular search engines, will deem your pages highly relevant and bump them up in the search results. Since the vast majority of clicks go to the first three listings on a search results page, you want to rise as high as you can in the search engines.

  • National SEO concentrates on ranking your pages for keyword phrases without geo-relevance other than they come from users in America. This is good for building a brand if you’re a national healthcare chain or web service that operates without regard to location.
  • Local SEO is an effort to rank your pages with regard for the searcher’s location. A pediatrician in Boston isn’t likely to be as concerned about drawing patients from Los Angeles — and most patients do start their healthcare journey with local service providers. That makes local SEO a critical tool in healthcare digital marketing.

Our team can work with you to develop an SEO plan that works for your needs and goals. We take an expert, comprehensive approach to search engine optimization; while keywords may still be a factor, we know that modern SEO goes well beyond that.

PPC Advertising: Targeting the Right Audience

Pay Per Click advertising lets you launch highly targeted online ad campaigns that put your healthcare brand in front of the consumers who are most likely to need your services. Pediatric clinics might target people who are parents, for example, while hospitals that specialize in cardiac care might aim ads at demographics that are more likely to experience heart disease.

PPC lets you control your marketing spend so you’re paying for ads that are most likely to help achieve branding and conversion goals, and we can help you do that. Our experts know exactly how to leverage data and PPC best practices to create winning campaigns.

Social Media Marketing: Meeting the Audience Where They Are

Another place individuals turn to for advice and recommendations is social media. From participation in Facebook groups about their condition to posting recommendation requests for the best specialist in town, today’s consumers engage in health-related topics on social in numerous ways.

If your brand isn’t established on social, you’re missing out on that engagement. Lead to Conversion’s social media marketing service can help you create viable profiles on sites like Facebook and Instagram and make the most of them with relevant content and social ad campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Traffic Can’t Be Your Only Goal

A lot of the work you do online is to get noticed or drive traffic to your website or profiles, but that can’t be the end goal. If your leads aren’t converting, patients aren’t making appointments for your services, and your revenue isn’t growing as a result of all your healthcare digital marketing efforts.

Conversion rate optimization involves a variety of tactics, including:

  • Ensuring all your other efforts are appropriately targeted so you’re drawing the right people to your pages or offers
  • Creating high-quality landing page copy
  • Coupling offers with calls to action that get the job done

Conversion rate optimization involves both on- and off-page elements and our experienced team can help you juggle the appropriate healthcare digital marketing balls, ensuring your campaigns are well-balanced and high-performing.

Email Marketing: Still One of the Best ROIs Around

Email marketing can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it. Great email campaigns still drive some of the lowest-cost click-throughs and conversions, and they can be a great way to inform existing patients, ensure patient retention and draw in interested individuals who may not have been ready to make a decision about your services.

This type of marketing requires following the right processes to ensure you aren’t spamming your audience, as well as writing subject lines and body copy that capture user interest quickly and convert it to action. 

healthcare digital marketing for help medical professionals help more patients

We can help you design drip campaigns, monthly newsletters, and other email marketing to keep patients in the know and coming back to you for service.

We understand that healthcare is unlike many other industries and know that you have to put patients first and deal with a variety of complex compliance and regulatory limitations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with healthcare digital marketing — and we can help.

Why wait? Contact one of the best healthcare digital marketing companies in the world at 855-473-6582. Let us get you started with a free digital marketing consultation and help you keep moving above and beyond your competitors.